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Free to create PDF's

A while back, I shared some of the ways I use PDF files to store, share, and annotate information. I also told you about my "tool of choice" for creating and editing PDF's (Nitro PDF Professional - still my top recommendation for price/performance in this area).

Now, I want to share an alternative that is absolutely free (yup) that allows you to create PDF that you and your friends can read with Acrobat Reader. This opensource gem is called PDF Creator, and it is available on SourceForge. Like Nitro PDF, PDF Creator installs a print driver on your system (Windows OS's) and you can print anything to that print driver and it will automagically create a PDF file for you. It even has good security features (see screenshot) to keep people from copying content from the file, disable printing, and things like that.

I will stick with Nitro PDF because I often edit, combine, and annotate files. But, if you simply want to create PDF's, you can't beat $Free.95. So pick up a copy of PDF Creator and go forth and share, the PDF way!

Also, check out my prior post for some ideas on how to use PDF's to increase your productivity.

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