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I've just returned from a week at Boy Scout summer camp with my son's troop, at Camp Meriwether on the Oregon Coast. What a relaxing experience - a full week with no connectivity to email, cell phones, or anything like that.

I regularly take vacations, but somehow seem to stay a bit "tethered" to electronic communications during those vacations. This is the first time in about 3 years that I've truly unplugged. I highly recommend it to you, if you can pull it off.

Of course, the down side is that I have about 1500 emails to process (I was at zero the day I left). I need to dust off my email kung fu and get busy.

By the way - I had a couple of posts while I was gone, thanks to my "tool of choice" for blogging: RocketPost. I wrote a couple of posts last Saturday before I left, scheduled them to post during the week and RocketPost did all the work. Pretty cool.

More "live" posts coming as I continue to dig out from my email backlog. I made some interesting brain connections during my week of being unplugged.

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