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A new season

Well, I didn't set out to give up blogging for Lent, but it looks like that's how things ended up. A few interesting things have happened to cause this - or at least they've been interesting to me.

I've received great notes of encouragement from many of you, and wanted to a) let you know I appreciate your support and prodding for me to start blogging again; and b) let you know some of the things I've been up to:

  • GoSign.jpgI took on a new role at work - now being general manager of a product we just launched. This is a new line of business in what was previously a single-product company. As a result, I've got a new team and we are blazing new trails in the company. There is a lot to learn in a process like that, and I'll be sharing some of that learning in upcoming posts.

  • I switched to a Macbook Pro as my primary computer. I still use Windows (and so does everyone else in my family) so you could say I'm bilingual in that respect.
  • I've begun to travel heavily again. This means I'll have more time to read & blog on flights and that I'll start collecting more travel & packing tips again.
  • I'm still experimenting with video, and am eager to integrate some of that into the blog in the future, as well.

There's more, of course (I took a nice vacation with the family and enjoyed Springtime in Louisiana), but suffice it to say it was a nice (although very active) break.

Stay tuned for the "regularly scheduled programming" here on the blog including quite a bit on GTD - I've found that the busier I get, the more I need to be organized.

If you have any requests for topic areas (or if you want me to stay away from any that have bored you in the past), do let me know - either in the comments here, or by email (you can find my email link on the About page).