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Door to door magazine racket

It seems like a couple of young fellows show up at my door every month or so "trying to earn points" by offering me overpriced magazine subscriptions. The pitch varies - sometimes, it's so they can earn money for college, sometimes it's job training, sometimes it's a program to help inner city youth learn responsibility and work their way out of their current situation (that last one is the most tempting one).

I don't know anything about them other than that the company on their paperwork is always from a city in Indiana, so there seems to be some connection. They seem to be from all over the country, though a few are from my local area. I don't need the magazines (especially at those prices), and their slick sales pitch makes me very suspicious for some reason - if they can talk that persuasively, seems like a more mainstream sales job should be attainable.

Anyone have any other insight or experience on this?