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Danger Quicksand is now on!

Arrow_sign_lIf you bounced here from my old site - search for the topic you were looking for to the left.

Hello, and welcome to my blog's new home.  If you arrived here via a link from another site or a Google search, you can still find your article by using the Google search box on the left hand side of this page (assuming you're using your browser and not an RSS reader.

I've moved over to TypePad, and the address is

Meanwhile, here's a checklist to get you up-to-date on my new address:

  • Update your RSS reader to find the new feed: (autodiscover will find this if you just point your reader at the main pageand if you were already using my feedburner feed, you're fine).
  • Update any bookmarks to reflect the new address.
  • If you are a fellow blogger and have been kind enough to include me in your blogroll or link list, please update the address to point at my new address.

Thanks for your understanding about this migration.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to migrate comments and trackbacks from the old site to the new.