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Silence is moldin'

Skip's observations in his recent post of "No news is good news" were both intriguing and troubling to me.  I think his points are spot on, but I can't help but recognize my own tendency to hold back news, particularly good news.

It's not a part of some nefarious plan - it's more a side effect that I do so much internal processing and "self talk" that I often forget to communicate out to others.  I am beginning to develop some techniques to help me improve in this area such as:Silence

scheduling (publicly committed) status updates to people I want to keep in the loop,

calling meetings with key people to create a "forcing event" to remind me to update them and ask for their help and input

adding "Update Jim on xyz project" to my agendas for 1-on-1 meetings

I've also added a tickler item to my weekly review process to remind me: Create actions for updates on top 5 projects.

What about you - are you running a bit too silent?  Have any tips to share on this topic?