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Stuck in a rut? Why not make a breakthrough?

Just heard from my friend Lisa Haneberg that she's rolling out an all new version of her "2 Weeks To A Breakthrough" program. As you may recall, I was involved in the first round of this program earlier this year. I loved it and recommend it to you if you want to achieve a breakthrough performance on any big challenges, hopes, and dreams. Or, if you just want to stop doing the "same old same old," this will do it for you.

The new program features improvements like:

  • A better, more complete preparation workbook
  • Daily worksheets with more examples
  • More personalized attention - each person will receive a minimum of 3 one-on-one sessions with Lisa, and she will email personalized ideas to each person

To me, that last bullet is the best part. Lisa rocks.

The course description and details are up on the breakthrough blog now - check it out here where you'll find details about the process, the benefits, and how to get started.