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The joy of emptiness

Whew. I just returned from a business trip and had a nice, long, 5+ hour flight home last night. It was great. Why?

That time gave me the chance to do a weekly review and get my inboxes to empty for the first time since... can you believe it... January 6. Man, that had been bugging me.

It's been a busy year both personally and professionally so far, and I kept putting off the core of David Allen's Getting Things Done - I wasn't doing my weekly review.

If you've never basked in the glow of an empty inbox, you don't know what you're missing. And the weekly review is the only way to get there feeling clean, fresh, and new. (The delete all method just makes you paranoid - trust me on that one.)

So why had I been so lame on weekly reviews? Clues were raining down on me - undoubtedly attracted by my guilty subconscious and aided by happenstance or divine intervention.

I was succumbing to the Resistance I'd read about in The War of Art, which someone happened to suggest to me when I really needed to read it. I found a nice diversion in trying out an Audiovox xv6600 Pocket PC in one of the "new device binges" I mentioned a while back (I just switched back to my trusty Treo 600 using GoodLink for mail and calendaring, and using Chapura's KeySuite for synching my notes and action lists with Outlook). Even as I wrote about them here, I was falling into the same old patterns.

Thank goodness for long flights with bad movies. Thank goodness for an empty inbox.