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Being unavailable in a high availability world

This past weekend I went undercover. Well, sort of.

You see, I've been looking at how I spend my time - time diaries, workflow analysis, that sort of thing. (If you want to do a time audit on yourself, I highly recommend Steve Pavlina's article on "How To Triple Your Personal Productivity")

I've been traveling around 80% of the time for the past couple of months, and decided that this past weekend I would do home chores and things with the family for a change. So, I left my laptop in my bag, I left my Treo 600 on the cabinet connected to the charger, and I disconnected.

It was kind of odd, but I think it helped me recharge, as well. It was good in a lot of different ways. For example, I spent some relaxing, fun time with my kids. And my wife's van fits in the garage again for the first time in ages (that was an enduring fixture on my Someday/Maybe list).

I think I'll plan on "no tech weekends" more often.

P.S. The email didn't miss me, as far as I can tell.