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[Updated] Re-grounding in GTD

I decided it's time for a refresher on GTD, since I've found myself letting the piles in my inbox get a bit taller lately, I've tended to only empty them partway, etc. - in other words, I feel like some of my old, bad habits are encroaching.

So, I started listening to David Allen's Getting Things Done Fast audio program again last night. It's helping - after listening for the first half hour or so, it was a tangible shift. I went from, "Man, I have so much to do..." to "OK, I can do this - I've done it before - it's not that hard."

By the way - my trigger point was that I realized I was starting to look for yet another organizational tool. Been down that road before - realized I was compromising my process, and it wasn't really a tool issue. And, lo and behold, a few tracks in David says that "the price of all this is eternal vigilance" or something to that effect. No kidding.

If you feel like you're getting a bit 'loosey goosey' on GTD, dust off your copy of GTD Fast and re-ground yourself - it just might help.


Further commentary on this - I mentioned I got a Planner Pad a few posts back. Looking at making the transition to paper is what made me realize I was looking for a silver bullet. While it is a fabulous tool as a paper-based system, I am an electronic kind of guy due to the information I deal with all the time. I'm going to try to incorporate some of the "funnel" concepts into my routine, but I'm sticking with Outlook, the GTD Add-In, Goodlink, and KeySuite as the core of my system.