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Pressing the reset button

Steve Pavlina's challenging people to do something different for 30 days (kind of a "new month resolution" sort of thing). When I first read his post, I thought "Naah, not for me." But the idea's been poking at me for a couple of days and I've changed my mind [Thanks, Steve!].

Since I'm currently embroiled in a GTD tune-up, I've chosen a 30-day challenge to: end each day with an empty inbox (physical and virtual), and do weekly reviews every week.

Before I start the 30 day timer, I've decided that this weekend I'll take a radical step (radical for me, at least): I will scrap most of my current lists and start fresh.

Why? As I look over my someday / maybe list, projects, and other lists I've come to realize that there is a big difference in the quality of definition, thought, and specificity in things I've added to my lists in the last week vs. those I added last summer. I also think there is value in taking a clean-slate look over what I'm doing - a lot has changed in the last year.

That means I'll miss the "official" window of Steve's challenge (which ends May 20), but it's my life, right?