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Of broken glass and Boy Scouts

Last week, I posted about how great the Boy Scouts program is for helping boys become responsible citizens, and I mentioned I was going camping up on Mt. Hood over the weekend.

Well, the campout was great, we had snow, the boys had a great time, and we managed to squeeze in some considerable training on first aid.

However, while my minivan was parked in the parking lot overnight, some idiots decided to smash one of my windows and steal (of all things) a roadside repair kit. The kit costs around $45 at Costco, and it will cost me more to fix the window than to replace what they stole. They also stole tools from another vehicle (they were kind enough not to break the glass on that one).

I found the damage Sunday morning as I went to put my gear in the car while our Troop was cleaning up and mopping the lodge, and re-stocking the firewood we'd used. There were other Boy Scout Troops at the lodge camping with us. Some of them noticed the mess I was dealing with in the parking lot. (Without me asking) they helped me clean up the glass, cut cardboard to the right shape to keep the snow and wind out of my car, and let me have some duct tape.

I'd bet money that the people who broke my window were never Boy Scouts. I sure wish they'd had better role models and support when they were growing up.

So, I ask you again - please support Scouting and encourage the kids you know to get involved in Scouts.