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Blog Review: Ripples

In the spirit of Rosa's Talking Story, today I am reviewing David St. Lawrence's blog, Ripples. This evening, I clicked into Ripples and started reading. The thought for the day was the first thing that caught my eye:

"You are far more capable than you let yourself believe."

Next, I read several articles, and instantly became hooked. "OK - who is this guy?"  So, I checked out his Why I Write page to see what makes him tick. An excerpt:

"I've always noticed patterns in life and in the world around me and tried, often without success, to communicate to others what I saw...

"What you read is my effort to communicate these observations in a way that can be understood and be experienced easily... I write to stimulate thought and possible action, not to prescribe to others what they should believe."

As another one of the "pattern seekers" of the world, that resonates very strongly with me; time to read further.

I love The Quest For Fire, which likens blogging to the discovery and early use of fire. David colorfully explains how blogs, like fire, can be powerful tools or dangerous implements - particularly when you don't fully understand what they can do. He calls blogs "the current equivalent of harnessed fire." What an image.

Another terrific series of posts shows up in You Don't Need Permission To Create, which is all about unlocking your gifts and sharing them with the world. My favorite line: "If you elect to follow experts and do not wish to create on your own until you are expert, you have little chance to ever excel." Amen, David!

There are lots of things we can learn from David. He posts on a broad array of topics including philosophy, blogging tips, Chernobyl, social issues (including how blogging can help), business, communications, life after leaving the corporate world, and more.

I highly recommend spending a few minutes (every day) on Ripples - it's a very uplifting place to spend some time. Thanks for the oasis, David.