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Genuine Curiosity

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Practice: The key to "Practice what you preach"

Christopher Bailey really hit home with a post on his "Alchemy of Soulful Work" blog this week. Like me, he was recently reminded that the answers to his questions could be found in his own previous blog posts. And, like me, he sometimes feels not-so-genuine in offering thoughts on what people should be doing when he hasn't mastered the techniques himself.

This reminds me of something I've heard in various forms over the years: It's not about whether you fall down - it's how quickly you get back up.

No matter how good we get at something, there is always room for improvement. As David Allen says, "The better you get, the better you'd get."

If we all waited until we were perfect at something every time before we shared what we've learned, we'd never share. And that would be a shame, wouldn't it? So keep practicing - and keep sharing, Christopher. Your tidbits of advice could be just the thing someone else needs to improve.

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