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Somewhere, somebody's praying

Well, I'm back from my family reunion and reflecting on the connections and reconnections of the past week.  We not only had a reunion (around 50 people were able to come), we celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday about 4 months early since it's easier when the kids are out of school.

We were all particularly grateful to spend the time with my grandmother - you see, she had congestive heart failure about a month ago and the doctors told us she probably wouldn't make it out of the ICU.  I'm happy to say, she was well out of the ICU and able to hang out and have some of her own birthday cake with us last Saturday.  She's a strong woman, that's for sure.

After the reunion we went to my aunt's house, chewed the fat, and set off fireworks for the rest of the evening.  Later on, I received a copy of a prayer that my great grandmother wrote in her family Bible 30+ years ago. 

I like to believe, in some mysterious way, her prayer helped my grandmother muster the strength she needed to make it to the reunion.  Here is the prayer:

Dear God, this is the hour in my day the lull begins and I find myself alone.

Oh God, all my children are beyond my sight and voice.  They live and move, but not beyond thy care.  Guide these precious ones of mine and yours. 

Keep them from all things that make them weak and lesser souls.  God be with my dear ones all this day...