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Another day of London bombings

A couple of days ago, I posted about how odd it felt to get on the train across the tracks from the Finsbury Park mosque. On Thursday morning on the way into London, I was on the same platform and decided to take a picture to show it to you (the red arrow in the picture points to the dome of the mosque).

Later that day, there were 4 more bombing incidents in London. That made it challenging to get around for quite some time, but my colleague and I diligently stayed focused on our lives in the midst of the chaos, taking cabs all over the place to get around the fact that the Underground was shut down. Here is a picture I took with my phone from one of the cabs - I picked it because of the great slogan on the side of the cab (click the image for the full view).

We managed to keep our appointments for the rest of the day, and were even on time or early for them (no easy trick since the addresses were scattered all over London).

Terrorism is barbaric and infuriating. I think it's the ultimate in cowardice.