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[Updated] Bring your jumper cables for the jump start of your life

Jumpercables Last year, I read Rosa Say’s book, “Managing with Aloha” (MWA) and, as I wrote in my review (”Not what, or how - but why?”) it is a truly special book. At the time, I found it challenging to write about Rosa’s book because it was so easy to feel strongly about it but so hard to explain in a way that does it justice. I always just summarize it down to “You’ve gotta read it, and you’ve gotta learn what it means to you.”

You may recall that I recently wrote about Rosa’s book as one of my favorite books from 2005. All of my favorite books have one thing in common - they not only touched something in me when I read them; they all ended up being books that have become ongoing influences in my life since I’ve read them. I keep revisiting, re-reading, and reflecting on them and continue to find new ways to apply the wisdom they hold.

So, it was with great pleasure that I learned of a cool project Rosa is starting to help people create a personal connection with her book. Whether you’ve read MWA or not, there’s another thing “you’ve gotta do” — check out Rosa’s new Jumpstart Program for Managing with Aloha. See what Aloha is all about.

Update:  You should also check out Rosa’s post over at, on the 10 Beliefs of Great Managers.

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