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A couple of interesting GTD tools / resources

After posting on my GTD Odyssey, I found out about some other great resources for the curious.

Ready-Set-Do Tutorial video

In Part 4 of my Odyssey, I mentioned Ready-Set-Do!, which is a set of tools to support a strong GTD workflow on the Mac. I don't use a Mac, but was very impressed by some of the videos Todd (creator of Ready-Set-Do!) has assembled. In particular, the section of the Tutorial on "Juggling the GTD Workflow" really captures the essence.

I asked him to post the video as a standalone link, and he gladly obliged. Go check out the Ready-Set-Do! Tutorial video, at this link. Then, if you're a Mac user and want to use this awesome software, go to the main site.


The next cool find is called "tedium" and I found out about it from Adrian McEwan at MCQN Ltd. This is a web-based productivity management system that isn't GTD-specific, but ties nicely with the "simple tools to manage complex lives" philosophy. You can go through the demo of its capabilities and give it a test drive, and decide whether you want to subscribe to the services (there is a time-limited trial available).

I really like this one, but am too "offline" to use it as a primary system these days. I'd love to see something like this evolve into a blended online/offline application.

Adrian would love to get input on this, as well as feedback on why you would/wouldn't use it for daily life - go check it out.


It isn't production-ready yet, but the video on the Scrybe homepage is awesome. This looks like it could really rock the world of productivity in a platform-neutral way. One reason I am intrigued: it seems to blend Web 2.0 and offline functionality in an impressive way. Go check out the video and see if you don't start drooling, too!

Keep those cards 'n' letters coming, folks!