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Email font too tiny? Don't like to type?

I've been traveling with a number of folks recently whose eyes have begun to age, and they get aggravated when they can't read the tiny fonts on their mobile devices, but still want to check email. I recently found out about a service that could help them.

The service could also help you if you want to provide an email for someone without a computer, as well. In fact, it may be a perfect way to get an email account for a grandparent who has neither a computer nor good close-up vision).

The service is called "IfByPhone" and it looks very capable and fairly priced (there are consumer and business pricing & feature plans available).

There are a number of services available, including VoMail for voice mail, VoPlace for chat rooms, VoMe for scheduling and reminders, and some games. Not only can you listen to your email, you can also dictate new messages and replies using your voice. Another interesting feature is some built-in alerting where you can have it alert you when you receive an email from a specific person or containing specific keywords.

I haven't tried the service, but it looks cool. Let me know if you or someone you know uses it - I'd love to hear how you like it.