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Another remodel

I've pretty much disconnected from electronic communication for the last week to decompress and spend some good family time. Hence, no posts here. However, I did log in and make yet another cosmetic change.

After some informal "usability studies" and the comments (both on and off the blog), I've decided to revert to my old template but with some tweaks. I tested some mockups using different font sizes, and decided to increase the font size on the "sidebars" on my site.

I also did some "benchmarking" of other leading blog sites to get a feel for font sizes, colors & contrasts, and overall layouts.

Thanks to everyone who gave me their input. I decided to go back to my old format but kick up the font size in my sidebars by a notch.

If you have still have trouble with the font sizes, remember you can increase the font size in your browser. For example, see the following:

Firefox Fonts

Internet Explorer 6 Fonts

Oh yeah - I used "SnagIt" to grab these menus. It was recommended to me by Marc Orchant, and I think it is awesome. Check it out.