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In plain sight

You may have noticed that I've switched to a basic, traditional blog format/layout this week. After a few comments about my type being too small, my sidebars being a bit busy, etc. I decided I'd use a standard Typepad layout with just a few minor tweaks. Most notably, I'm still using my custom banner featuring little snippets of interesting things I've seen in my travels (the current one is from a snapshot of the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol, UK - it is beautiful - click the tiny photo for a larger view of the photo I pulled it from).

If you've been challenged by my historically small fonts, I hope this helps. By the way, you can adjust the text on your browser to make the font larger or smaller if you'd like. Of course, that is a global change - not a site-by-site adjustment.

So - the new layout: Love it? Hate it? Couldn't care less? If you have strong feelings about it, let me know. I may not act on your opinion, but I surely won't act on it if you keep it to your self.

By the way - thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. It means a lot to me (even though my posting schedule is about as predictable as the weather).