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Ever vote with your wallet?

Of course, you vote with your wallet - every time you spend money. I was just reading an article on Talking Story in which Rosa talks about the reasons she will never buy a Sony product again. That is capitalism at its best, and why I love the power of the free market.

There a lots of vendors that have hacked me off enough to stay away from them. What are some of the reasons?

  1. Bad customer service experiences.

    • If I am treated fairly and the company tries to make up for my problems, I am very forgiving. Treat me like I'm an annoyance or give me a bad attitude, and I'm gone.

  2. Don't approve of their practices or values.

    • I don't buy from people who spam me, or who call me at home to solicit me.
    • I don't buy from companies who create commercials or ads that offend me.
    • I don't buy from people who don't stand behind their products when something goes wrong.
    • And "comment spammers": what are you thinking?

  3. Poor quality products

    • I work too hard for my money to spend it on shoddy product.

Those are my top 3 gripes that make me bail on a business. What about you?