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Traveling over the Holidays: Unleashing the Power of Nice

I'm on vacation in Louisiana, and loving it. However, getting here was a pain due to the fact that they lost one of our family's bags on the way. All's well now and we were treated just fine but it was still a pain.

Ironically, on the flight I read an excellent article on how to make travel more bearable: It's in "Best Life" magazine, and it's called "21 Rules of Stress-Free Travel"

Great stuff awaits you, like:

  • The safest seat on the plane

  • An analysis of relative seat costs on flights (I wrote about some of this pricing insanity in the past)

  • Cool tips for getting a decent hotel room and keeping it from making you ill

  • Very good luggage, security checkpoint, and packing techniques

Check it out and cut down on your travel stress!


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