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Influence? Up yours

How many times have you made a plea to someone for something and not gotten what you wanted? The answer may be easier than you think: up your influence.

Upping your influence means bucking your own traditional wisdom and trying a different set of "levers" to make your case. For example:

  • If you've been relying on clean, logical arguments to sell your idea, try making an emotional appeal instead.
  • If your emotional approach to seeking support from others is falling on deaf ears, try creating a logical business case to convince your audience.
  • If you are a calm, collected, quiet person try making a loud, brash, demanding case!
  • If you are a noisy desk-pounder, try a quiet, level-toned statement of your case

This can work for a number of reasons, depending on the situation:

  1. If you are perceived as a certain type of person (logical, emotional, loud, quiet, etc.) taking the opposite stance or demeanor can cause others to reconsider you in a different light. This is particularly effective if others see you as quiet, calm, overly logical, etc. - in which case a loud, emotional posture will help convey passion.
  2. If your audience is of a certain mindset (logical, emotional, etc.) taking an opposite stance can catch them off guard and put them into a mode in which they are not well equipped to shoot down your ideas.

Give it a try - if your requests are falling on deaf ears, you just might be able to cut through the noise and complacency by upping your influence.

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