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If I had 100 Bloggers...

Is the 100 Bloggers project on your radar yet? 100 Bloggers is a group effort of a bunch of bloggers I admire, and they even let me have a key to the posting booth.

I just dropped by with some thoughts for managers in a post called "Flair up?" If you have a couple of moments, click on over and look around.

And, if you're so inclined, you can join the fray and become one of the contributing bloggers. Despite the name, if the number exceeds 100, that's not a bad thing.

Don't have a blog of your own? That's no hill for a stepper. If you've got something to say in the spirit of helpful advice on business and personal development, you're welcome.

This is all about dialog and sharing - and your voice is welcome. You can go here for more information.