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Lifehack Darwinism: Legal cleanliness

One of my more popular recommendations (through the blog as well as word-of-mouth) has been to use hand sanitizer when traveling. I believe my regular use of hand sanitizer on planes is part of what's kept me from getting a major cold or illness these past two years (see my previous post for more).

Unfortunately, the new restrictions that prevent me from taking liquids or gels on planes have forced me to quarantine my Purell bottle at home.

Never fear - I've found a solution. Once again, Purell comes to the rescue - this time with sanitizing hand wipes. I used it today with pleasing results and just bought a bulk pack on Amazon.

As I mention in my previous posts, these can be used to clean your hands before you eat. They are also excellent for cleaning the tray tables in planes - I still have a gut feel that they are infested with germs.

So, pick up some sanitizing hand wipes, drop them in your laptop back, purse, or other carry-on and enjoy some clean livin'.