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Good listening

I have been re-stocking my collection of audiobooks, preparing for some reading via my iPod on my upcoming trips. HeadphonelookingIf, like me, you're fond of blending audiobooks into your reading list, I've got a great resource for you.

I just found a great list of business audiobooks on John Richardson's Success Begins Today blog. I've read or heard about half of the stuff on John's list, so I'm thinking he and I have compatible reading interests - so I've just bought & downloaded a few new ones. John has been doing a lot of audiobook listening as part of his cool "MBA On The Run" program that I wrote about a while back (Manage by running around, 28 April, 2006).

Incidentally, if you decide to get your audio fix via, I recommend either the Audible Gold or Platinum subscription plan that they offer - it's very cost-effective if you listen to books regularly, because they include book credits. You can use a credit to get any book they offer, and if you choose expensive titles you'll easily make up for the cost of your subscription. For example, I buy a lot of new or recent releases through Audible and the monthly subscription cost is cheaper than buying the hard copy of the book, and much cheaper than the audio version of the book.

Also, don't forget the tip I shared previously about how to speed up your audiobooks on iPods.