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[Updated] Gimme five (and pass it on)

Bren slapped me five this week. He is perpetuating some kind of blog chain letter thing (or a social pyramid scheme) in which you tell five things about yourself, then tag five more bloggers to keep the chain going. Interesting game - and kinda fun.

So - here are five, little-known things I'm willing to share:

  1. My first car was actually an old truck purchased from the late Cajun television chef Justin Wilson for $150 (he was a friend of the family - "I GARONTEE!").
  2. I can look at a printed page and misspelled words tend to "pop out" at me like magic. (For some reason, it doesn't work as reliably on a computer screen - I don't know why...)
  3. Between 1983 and 1991, I was a professional radio DJ and traffic reporter (under the names Adam West, Dwayne Adams, Bruce Wayne, and Yule Devni).
  4. When I was 5, I nearly drowned in Louisiana Senator Russell Long's swimming pool (another family friend).
  5. I am very picky about how sheets are put on my bed, to the point that I often re-make beds in hotel rooms, and I insist that I put the sheets on my bed at home (my wife refuses to play along and make the bed my way).

Now, here are five bloggers I'd like to give the gift of "five."

Don't break the chain - the last person that broke the chain accidentally responded to that Nigerian email scam and lost everything he had. Double true.