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Enjoy - that has “joy” in it, right?

"How can I bring laughter into the lives of others facing adversity?"I'm a fan of Raj Setty's blog , and I really like the "Quought" series he's started. A Quought is essentially a thought-provoking question, and he's asked a bunch of people to provide them.

This weekend, I read a Quought that I really liked a lot - provided by Christine Clifford Beckwith:

"How can I bring laughter into the lives of others facing adversity?"

This hit home with me because I think we make a huge difference in others lives when we do things to make them happy. Even little things can make a difference.

On a related note, this reminded me of something I overheard at my kids' school a couple of years ago. One kid in the class was making fun of one of the other kids in the class, and the teacher told him: "<name>, please stop that. At this school, we don't steal other people's joy."

Thanks for sharing your Quoughts, Raj.