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Manage your energy - not your time

Am I getting a cosmic nudge? I am in the midst of reading a great book called "Finding Your Focus Zone" which is about managing your energy levels to achieve maximum productivity. I'll probably review it here at some point, as I really like it.

Then yesterday on the plane, I was reading my latest issue of the Harvard Business Review, and there is an article called, "Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time," which has a different take on a similar concept. Both are well written, well researched, and seem to have some tips I can really use to maintain my energy levels, focus, and productivity at work. They also both deal with ways to combat procrastination.

The HBR article is available right now as free content (you will be asked to "Agree" to their terms and conditions but you don't have to pay), so there is no reason for you to procrastinate - click on over and read it.

You can also see how doomed you are with the HBR's online questionnaire, "Are You Headed for an Energy Crisis?"

These resources provide some good information and advice for even the most productive among us. Enjoy!