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Pre-trip planning lists

Leaving town for the holidays? Make a list. Actually, many people have some of the more common lists covered (who's naughty and nice, who to send cards to, etc.) A list that is particularly valuable for me is my "don't forget to do this stuff."

Some things on my list include the following:

Arrange for pet sitterAdjust thermostat (lower in the winter, higher in the summer)
Leave check for pet sitterTurn on "out of office" reply on email
Stop newspaper deliveryChange voicemail greeting to let people know you're gone
Hold mail delivery (you can do this online in the US at all bills (or schedule them in online banking)
Bring garbage from kitchen garbage can to outside canPrint out itinerary and confirmation numbers
Check weather forecast for where you're going and pack appropriately

If you're traveling internationally, ensure you have:
current passports, valid visas, etc. (allow at 6 weeks for US passport processing)

This is just a sample of the things on my list, and we end up adding things to it every time. For example, 2 trips ago, we forgot my 7-year old's suitcase in her room; now, everyone must put their luggage by the front door and we double check that everyone has their bag before we leave the driveway. Last trip, I forgot my Blackberry and we almost missed our flight because I needed to go back and get it (it's also my phone).

Don't have a list? Here is a great online travel checklist, organized as a timeline - this provides a really good place to start.

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