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Fresh Gear: Get all Jaxed up

I recently discovered a free app called NetJaxer that provides an easy "home base" for all your Web 2.0 / Ajax apps. I've been slowly (but surely) taking on more web-based apps for collaboration, productivity, and fun, and NetJaxer makes it easy for me to use them.

One launchpad

NetJaxer provides one place to go and organizes my web-based apps into a launchpad kind of view (see my screen shot - click to zoom). Within this view, it can store thumbnail views of your web-based apps to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

NetJaxer also provides an icon in the system tray to make it easier to launch my apps. This feature, in particular, is making my web-based document sharing a bit easier to manage (I'm doing quite a bit with Google Documents these days).

Suggestions and ratings

Another thing that is very cool about NetJaxer is that it provides a dynamic kind of "directory" of Ajax apps, complete with categorization and user ratings. I've found some very cool new tools this way. Check it out!