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Fresh Gear: Logitech Mobile Headset

This is a "Fresh Gear" post, but it also fits under "Travel Light" - it's all about a travel headset that's impressed me quite a bit. This one is called the Logitech Premium Mobile Headset, and I have been using it for about a month and just love it.

I'm a traveling dictater1 once again

Me, a dictater? No, I'm not a tyrant - I just use software to do dictation while I'm traveling.

Last year, I posted about how I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking (voice recognition software) to perform a number of tasks like creating speaker notes in presentations, responding to email, and even composing blog posts. I still do that, but I have not been traveling with my old headset since I wore it out (actually, I rolled a chair over the cord and sliced it so it got all staticy2).

I was looking for a replacement and found the Logitech Premium Mobile Headset. Here are some of the highlights:

  • This new headset folds up very flat and I can fit it easily into one of the inner pockets on my laptop bag

  • It has adjustable earpads so it is very comfortable

  • It includes an adapter so you can use it with USB or standard microphone/headset jacks

  • It works with any voice-related software, such as NaturallySpeaking, Skype, and even voice-capable instant messaging clients

  • It has inline controls for volume control and microphone muting

  • The microphone sound quality is excellent (I'm using the USB interface, primarily)

  • It has stereo sound so you can listen to music on it, should you wish to do so (and the sound is decent)

  • Its the behind the head design keeps you from getting "headset hair"

  • It also includes a carry case - however, I found the case to be too bulky for my needs

I'm very impressed with this one so far, and it has earned a place in my 'permanent checklist' for what goes in my laptop bag for every trip.

1 Yes, I know dictater isn't a real word. Some of my jokes are meant for me. Feel free to enjoy them with me, if you like.
2 I'm not sure "staticy" is a word to anyone but me, either.

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