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Guten tags

Ariane of Neat & Simple Living tagged me in yet another "5 things" chain. This time, it's about the 5 most useful sites you use to perform your work.

That is a tough one, but here are 5 of my top sites (maybe not "the Top 5" but 5 good ones):

  1. Google  --  OK, so I'm hooked. I use it for Search, for News, Financial research and Alerts.

  2.  --  I am an Amazon Prime customer and, as a heavy reader, they make sure I see the UPS driver a lot.
  3. LinkedIn   --  I am in a business development / networking role, and LinkedIn helps me make new connections by leveraging my existing contacts. Pretty cool for business networking.
  4. SeatGuru   --  I've reviewed SeatGuru in the past - it is the resource to figure out how good your seats are before you fly.

  5. Digg  --  A unique lens on the news of the world. Think of it as News with community-driven editorial overlay or filter. The only categories I watch are Technology and World & Business

Now, I tag 5 more.

If you're tagged, post your five with a Trackback to me, and pass on the favor.