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Buy remarkable book, get remarkable deal, become remarkable leader

Ok, so I haven't read this book yet, but I can't resist passing on an awesome deal: when you buy Kevin Eikenberry's new book, Remarkable Leadership, you get a fantastic bunch of bonuses that make it worth its weight in gold.   To order, click one of the links above, scroll down to see the bonuses, and look for the ordering links near the end of the page - you need to order through one of those links get the bonuses.

In addition to the free stuff, there are a couple of other reasons I'm recommending this before I read it:

  1. I've been following Kevin's blog for quite a while, and I think he has some awesome leadership kung fu

  2. Kevin's trying to concentrate the buying of this book right away so he can become an Amazon best seller

On a related note, Kevin and his team also offer the Remarkable Leadership Learning System, which is a powerful program to help you become a better leader by guiding you through focused work on a specific topic each month. Check it out if you're looking for a leadership breakthrough.

By the way - I will be reviewing this book in the future - after I get my own copy!


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