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Fresh Gear: How about a Monster power up?

When you're traveling with a notebook computer or other electronic essentials, a power outlet is like an oasis in the dessert (and you can usually spot them by looking for clusters of tethered travelers huddled nearby, drinking up the precious current). When you're low on juice, it can be frustrating when you're in an airport with only a few outlets.

Well, Monster has a great way for travelers to increase their access to power on the go: It's their Outlets To Go 3-Outlet Portable Powerstrip and it's pretty cool. This allows you to expand a single (grounded) outlet and turn it into 3 outlets. This extra capacity can come in handy in several situations:

  • In the aforementioned scarce outlet situation, you can provide the means to share an outlet with other travelers
  • For international travel, simply carry this power strip and a single international power adapter, and you'll be able to plug in 3 devices at once
  • Its short length of cord allows you to more easily utilize power outlets in tight spaces - especially if you have clunky power supplies for some of your devices

There are a few other nice features on this little power strip:

  • It rolls up small (as in the picture) and you can plug it back into itself to keep the cord tidy, and maintain a small profile
  • The outlets have enough spacing to accommodate even large power bricks (there are 2 outlets on one side; 1 on the other)
  • The power connector is flat and exits to the side, so it is less likely to interfere with other plugs or devices
  • The "Monster Power" logo glows blue when the strip is "live" so you can tell when the circuit is hot
  • It has a built-in circuit breaker to protect you from dodgy power situations

You can get the US version of this for about $12 on Amazon so it's reasonably priced.

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