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UBrand rocks

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about UBrand - a small business that makes semi-permanent markers that you can use to personalize your luggage, electronics, or just about anything you can stick things to. I mentioned that it provides a good way to make your luggage stand out from the crowd so you can spot it easier.

Well, I just got some UBrand letters and an icon and have applied them to some of my stuff, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures here and let you know what I think. My first impressions were great - the UBrand stickers look like very high quality items, and they come in a professional package. I decided to put them to use right away.

Luggage marking

My first markup was to apply my initials to my suitcase. I picked a spot for the letters, tested the spacing, then peeled the backing from the letters and stuck them on. That's pretty much it - very simple. The letters feel like they are firmly stuck, and they have a nice depth to them. Since I have white letters on a black bag (my tried & true Briggs & Riley 22" Expandable carry-on) I can easily spot my bag. This came in handy this evening when I was trying to help the bellman find my bag in the bag check room - I just told him to look for the bag with the big, white "DAM" blocks on the side, and he found it right away. Click the thumbnail at right for a bigger picture.

Laptop marking

My other label (a cool, stylized icon of the Earth) was destined for my laptop. Just like luggage, many laptops look alike and I want mine to stand out at the security checkpoint to avoid any mixups.

I have been using bumper stickers but they sometimes tear or get worn. I now have the earth icon applied to my laptop and I think it looks pretty cool. I also feel like the UBrand sticker will last longer than a bumper sticker. Click the thumbnail at left for a bigger picture.


The bottom line? I think these will be great to personalize my stuff. I also think these will make nice gifts for my traveling friends this holiday season. They have an ever-growing selection of emblems in the UBrand store, and can even make custom ones (in quantity) if you want to provide branded stickers to your customer. Way cool.

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