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Learning from mistakes

I had the honor of kicking of the new month at Joyful Jubilant Learning. This month's theme is "BLUNDERIFFIX!" which focuses on the good things you can learn when bad things happen to you (or because of you).

When you're in the heat of the moment, it can be tough to see your way out of a difficult situation, but I find that I get a lot of value out of reflecting on what went wrong to extract the learning. I encourage you to write - not just think - about a situation in your life that was a failure, near-failure, debacle, etc. and try to find a positive thing you learned from it. There is something focusing and cathartic about writing these kinds of things down. If you blog, please share you learnings with the world. If not, at least consider keeping a journal so you can codify some of your learning.

Coincidentally, I saw a fitting quote from @HowardBienstock on Twitter yesterday:

"When you're going through Hell, don't stop."

It promises to be a good month of sharing - and my story is about what I learned about relying on others when I realized I couldn't be a "savior" of a tough situation. Click on over today to hear my story, and keep clicking in all month long at JJL. tags: , , , , ,