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Tabasco at its birth

Visiting relatives in Louisiana for Thanksgiving.  My father-in-law is gravely ill, so it was my job to take the kids out and keep them occupied and burn off some energy.  One of their favorite destinations is Avery Island, LA where all Tabasco is bottled.  Here are a couple of shots of the assembly line - pretty cool - they produce 170,000+ bottles per day, and every bottle of Tabasco produced in the world is bottled in this one plant.
Tabasco1  Tabasco2

These pictures replace the grainier camera phone shot I posted earlier - and you can click for a full-size view.

The factory tours are free, and there is an excellent gift shop.  This is about 45 minutes from my parents' farm and we go here all the time, but my kids never seem to tire of it. 

If you find yourself down here in Cajun country, be sure and add it to your list.  Besides the factory, Avery Island is home to an awesome Jungle Garden complete with alligators, a giant Buddha statue, and more birds & beautiful trees than you can shake a stick at.  More info at