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Do you bear the mark of a professional?

My pal Bren (formerly the proprietor of SlackerManager and now the proud pappy of BikeHacks) recently pointed me to an awesome thread on "How to be a True Professional."

The thread starts with a sincere question, "What makes someone in a true professional...?" and the ensuing comments are very wise. I encourage you to go and read them.

If I were to summarize what I've read - and weave in what I've learned on my own -- here are some of the "precepts" that pop out from this long list:

  • Be rational: Think before you act.

  • Be reasoned: Don't act in anger or vengeance.

  • Be pragmatic: Remember that business is about what's best for the business.

  • Be human: Remember that numbers don't always tell the whole story.

  • Be magnanimous: Give others due credit (and the benefit of the doubt).

  • Be tolerant: Remember that others can learn from their mistakes.

  • Be humble: Remember that you can learn from your mistakes

  • Be accountable: Do what you say, and keep commitments.

  • Be respectul: Demonstrate respect and foster dignity for yourself and others.

  • Be open-minded: Learn something new every day; and consider the perspectives of others.

  • Be steadfast: Don't compromise your principles.

But don't take my word for it - go read the list. Got any to add? Think I'm blowing smoke? Would love to hear more in your comments on this post.