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A few for Friday (18-April-08)

Here are a few of the good links and fun items I've run across this past week.

The "Now Defunct Museum"

The Now Defunct Museum is a Squidoo lens dedicated to remembering some of the things that once seemed everywhere, but now have vanished from our everyday lives. Very entertaining - I like the picture of the old-school NBA uniforms (at right), for example.

How to Create a 15 minute Presentation in 1 Hour or Less

Cliff Atkinson, author of Beyond Bullet Points, has posted an excellent walk-through post showing how to create a 15 minute presentation very efficiently.

i-Lighter now has a Mac version

A few weeks back, I wrote about i-Lighter as a wonder tool. Good news - they now have a Mac version available! Check it out at the i-Lighter home page and download a free copy.

Can you hear me now?

I was thumbing through the SkyMall catalog on a flight home this week, and saw something I just had to tear out and post here. It's a hearing aid disguised as a Bluetooth headset - I love the way they spin the value in the ad (click the thumbnail at left to read it yourself).

I just wonder what people will think when you have this in one ear and are holding your phone up to the other ear when someone calls you?

If you want one, head over to SkyMall.