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Juicy apple bites: Mac and iPhone scoop

I have a couple of interesting, Apple-related tidbits to share with you - and they might be interesting whether you use a Mac or not.

  • First, Mozy has released a Mac version of their online backup product (see my earlier review of Mozy, which I use at home). In honor of this new release, they are offering a discount on new signups through May 8. Simply enter the promo code "MACMOZY" for a 15% discount, whether you use a Mac or not - a pretty sweet deal.

    • After May 8, you can also use the May monthly promo codes: "MAY" is the 10% off promo code for annual signups and "MAY2" for 10% off biannual signups.

  • Second, I have been Jonesing for an iPhone, but have decided to wait until later this year when they release a 3G iPhone. Since I'm chomping at the bit to get one, I sometimes dig around the internet for hints about features, pricing, etc. In the course of a search today, I ran across some really interesting reading on Apple's strategy around the iPhone, MacBook Air, and other products. This comes to us by way of an AppleInsider-posted Piper Jaffray analysis of Apple's 15 unanswered questions about Apple's product strategy. This is just excellent work (the iPhone stuff starts on page 2).