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Updated: Free presentation creation seminar

[Note: This post previously announced this seminar - now it tells you how to access the archive]

This morning, I saw an online seminar by Cliff Atkinson (author of Beyond Bullet Points) called: Creating a 15-Minute Presentation in 1-Hour. It is a very useful walk-through of the process from start-to-finish, and illustrates the concepts from Cliff's book very effectively.

You can access the content by clicking the link above (may require a free registration at Microsoft Office Online).

Take advantage of this Freebie if you have any interest in improving your presentation creation skillz.

Cliff's seminars never disappoint - I'm a member of his Beyond Bullet Points (BBP) community, and it is worth the price of admission - he does weekly e-Lessons on various topics, including soliciting topics from volunteers in the BBP community. He actually creates presentations with the volunteers, based on their topic - cool stuff.

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