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On my radar

Here are a few updates of things that have hit my radar recently:


Skydeck is an interesting service that reminds me a bit of the time audits I write about periodically. But, unlike general time audits, Skydeck focuses on the time you spend on the phone or texting with people. I downloaded the application and installed it, then helped it download my latest few mobile phone bills. Skydeck then analyed my habits - who I called or texted most, who called or texted me most, where I spent the most time, etc.

There are some interesting features - such as how much you spent on each person (if you were charged for your calls or messages) which you could use if you charge back mobile usage to a client; ability to add tags and reminders from within their user-friendly web UI; and more.

Free for individuals, and you can find out a lot more about the service at Skydeck's web site.

Wrike goes all Enterprise on me

I mentioned Wrike in the past - and have had the chance to try out their new Enterprise version for the past few weeks. As you might expect from the release of an Enterprise version, they've added a lot of features designed for high-end project management users. For example:

  • enhance collaboration function for when you share projects & tasks with others (including flexible permissions so you can decide what to share with other users)
  • more detailed / granular control for task management, with alerts
  • tracking of task revisions history
  • reporting across multiple projects
  • time-tracking by resource and task
  • Gantt Charts with task dependencies
  • easy importing of Microsoft Project data

If your company is big into projects and collaboration, check out Wrike's new Enterprise Edition. There is a free trial period available, followed by subscription pricing on a per-user-per-month basis.

New GTD / Productivity blog

Scott Karstetter, creator of Smart To-Do List, has just started his own blog focusing on productivity and GTD-like topics - it's called SmartProductivity, and I'm glad to see Scott bringing this into the world.

From my experience, Scott is definitely both smart and productive, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he shares with us in his new blog.