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Kindle Going Global And Getting Cheaper

If you haven’t heard yet, Amazon has just announced a couple of exciting things about their Kindle Reader:

They’ve dropped the price (hooray!) and the Kindle will now be available in two versions which differ by the wireless technology with which they are equipped: 

This is very good news on both counts.  As you know from my previous reviews of the Kindle, I love it and use it whether I’m traveling or not.  In fact, I read a couple of books on my flight back from Amsterdam this week (and I’d have loved to have had the international wireless version of the Kindle whilst in Europe).

So, if you’ve been procrastinating on your Kindle purchase, that procrastination may actually have helped you this time.  And I suspect more people may now get a Kindle for Christmas this year.

KindleOne note:  The links above are for the “original size” Kindle, not the larger Kindle DX.  I had my hands on one of the bigger Kindle DX’s and I just couldn’t travel with a device that large.  I’m glad I bought the smaller one.