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Be Careful with (and accountable to) your customers

Recently, someone shared a video with me from a guy who traveled on United Airlines but had his guitar broken by their baggage handlers.  He tried to get them to resolve it but they wouldn't.  So, he created a catchy song and video called "United Breaks Guitars" and put it on YouTube.  It has now been viewed over 6 million times as I write this (and the sequel, "United Breaks Guitars Song 2," has been viewed over 500,000 times).

The moral?  Be good to your customers - and, when you screw up, take responsibility for it and try to make it right.

By the way - if you want the "back story" on this incident, the guy has also put it on his blog.  It sounds like United eventually came around (somewhat) from the saga told here, but it could have been much better for their image if they'd just paid to have the guy's guitar fixed after they allowed it to be broken during the baggage handling process.