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Learning styles – awesome interview

Microphone In my last post, I talked about David Allen’s latest book, “Making It All Work.”  One thing I didn’t mention is that I’m a charter member of David’s “GTD Connect” program, which provides access to a lot more information, resources, and other “stuff” to help GTD users.

One of the deliverables in the GTD Connect program is an ongoing series of interviews with various people.  The latest was an interview with a guy named Frank Sopper who specializes in learning styles. Normally, these interviews are inside GTD Connect’s gated community but I was so intrigued with this latest interview I went looking for a way to share it with you.

I’m happy to report that Frank Sopper has a public link to the interview on his company’s web site.

If you’ve ever been accused of being OCD or ADD,  this is a must-listen.  For everyone else, it’s just a good idea.