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Typecasting isn’t always bad

success_sign I’ve been talking with my teenage son about career options after high school, which can be a bit daunting (for both of us).  As fate would have it, I found out about a good resource at just the right time – and I think it is a useful resource for anyone looking for a new career path, as well as those who are on a path but want to see if they are really a good fit for what they’re doing.

The resource begins with a quiz to help you figure out what careers are the best fit with your natural thinking style.  The quiz is easy and at the end you get a list of several career areas that are a good match for your personality type, along with suggested study areas.

The classification scheme is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and, though this quiz is a lightweight assessment, I think it is pretty accurate.  How do I know?  I also took the quiz and found that it was right on target – and I’ve taken the MBTI assessment several times in the past – with fairly consistent results each time (in case your wondering, I fluctuate between INTJ and INTP – I’m pretty much on the line between J & P).

The initial assessment provides you with a high-level summary and a few career suggestions, and you can get a more detailed report for $14.95.  I got the full report for INTP (the one that seemed closest in this particular quiz) and it was not only spot-on, it was full of information to help me better understand how to play to my strengths at work.

My son is an INTJ, and we have that full report, as well.  He’s still not sure what he wants to do, but this report has been helpful so far.

More good info

The Personality Type site is the brainchild of Paul D. Tieger, who is apparently an expert in personality type.  He has a good reading list in the site’s Articles & Resources section, and he’s also one of the authors of “Do What Your Are,” which seems like a good read.

Curious?  You can check out the high level assessment for free at Personality Type.