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Defining your job

Typing The last week has been busy and very inspiring.  I spent 4 days at a "boot camp" kind of training, in which I had the opportunity to do some formal & informal benchmarking with other organizations on a variety of topics.

I'd like to share one particular aspect with you, which I gleaned from a company that has really "nailed it" in terms of how to make your job your own, and enable you to market your value to your organization.

In this organization, there are 7 core principles they use as guideposts:

  1. Don't allow for any ambiguity.
  2. Distill your work down to simple objectives.
  3. Manage your time against those objectives.
  4. Know precisely what success looks like.
  5. Understand manager and peer expectations.
  6. Systematically review how you are doing.
  7. Publish your progress.

I think these are right on the money, and worthy of taking to heart. 

What do you think?  Anything to add to the list?