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Become a better manager in 5 weeks (and it's free for now)

This week, I downloaded Rosa Say's free ebook "Become an Alaka‘i Manager in 5 Weeks" and transferred it to my Kindle (it's also available in a bunch of other formats - one will definitely be right for you).RosaAlakaiBook.jpg
Today, I spent all day at a volleyball tournament which gave me a lot of down time to read it between matches. The bottom line: I really liked the book.

So - what does the title mean, and who's the book for? The ebook defines that:

"Alaka‘i is the Hawaiian value of leadership, and thus we refer to those who learn and practice the Managing with Aloha philosophy as Alaka‘i Managers. You have the potential to be an Alaka‘i Manager if you feel you have the calling to be a manager or leader, and you are ready to answer that calling."

As I mentioned recently, I'm in a new role at work and one of the things I want to ensure is that I not only manage effectively, but I also become a better leader - that desire drew me into this book. I'm also very familiar with Rosa Say & her work (she's a friend of mine) and love the fact that her recommendations are rooted in values and principles, which means they can adapt to any situation.

I like the 5 things the book describes as the "Alaka'i Toolbox," as well:

  • Don't Add. Replace.
  • Be a Finisher; Finish Well.
  • Finish Conversations with Mutual Agreements.
  • Lessen Task Work. Focus on Partnerships.
  • Choose Positive Expectancy.
I don't really understand the nuances of these (especially that last one), but some of the others are things I recognize I need (and want) to improve in my leadership style.

I read this book on the Kindle, but I will order the hard copy (when It's available) anyway. Some of the worksheets are pretty tough to replicate without a hard copy (and they are worth doing).

And I'm going to be a better manager in about 5 weeks. Get the book, and you can too!

Note: The reason I say " for now" in the title is that Rosa says SmashWords, the company distributing the ebook, may start charging - so I suggest you get your copy now.

Update: Rosa assures me the ebook will stay free, so don't worry. (But what are you waiting for?)